UFO Lifts Crowd at The Queen

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By Kevin Cross

Edited by G.D.Rocha
There are few things to say that have not already been said about a band of UFO’s caliber. This group is one of the most exciting and hard-working ensembles to come out of Newark in recent memory, and the diverse crowd they attracted to the Queen Theater on January 12th is a testament to their stature. Audience members from all backgrounds came out to see and get down to UFO’s very own blend of funk, soul, and rock n’ roll.

The septet had a replacement that night in the form of Corey Hawkins, a rapper from the area who lent his lyrical prowess to a couple of numbers, as well as Forward Motion’s guitarist Andy Sorenson. The band was as tight as ever, running through their set list as if they’ve played it 1,000 times (looking at their current concert calendar they may just get there) in a flawless manner, and bringing intense compositions to a stop-on-a-dime. The instrumental skill that each member possesses is impressive on its own merit. Just watching the group handle challenging syncopation and improvised solos really shows this band’s level of chemistry and musical empathy among its members.

One of their closing numbers was their ever-present mash up of “Break On Through” by The Doors and “Tequila” by the Champs. This last song shows that even though these guys work hard, they still know how to have a good time. Consequently, the audience was able to feel the funk break on through from the stage to the other side of the venue.